Coffee Anywhere Anytime

Introducing the Lepresso Portable Coffee Machine, Portable Grinder, and Smart Vacuum Bottle: the dream team for coffee lovers on the move! These gadgets make it easy to enjoy your favorite brew wherever you are. The Portable Coffee Machine allows you to brew a perfect cup anytime. The Portable Grinder ensures your beans are freshly ground, giving you top-notch flavor. And the Smart Vacuum Bottle keeps your drink hot or cold for up to 12 hours. Whether traveling, hiking or just out and about, these handy tools promise to make your coffee breaks better than ever!

LePresso Momento 2.0 Portable Espresso Machine

The Lepresso Momento 2.0 Portable Espresso Machine is your go-to gadget for aromatic coffee on the go! With a powerful 2500mAh battery, it's ready to brew wherever you are. Once charged, enjoy up to 4 single shots of espresso and up to 2 double shots of espresso. Need a quick fix? It takes just 3 minutes for a single shot and 5 minutes for a double. And with a generous 200ml cup capacity, you can enjoy every sip. Say hello to convenient, café-quality coffee anytime, anywhere with the Lepresso Momento 2.0.

alt="portable espresso machine with ground coffee and capsule coffee"

LePresso Portable Conical Burr Grinder

Meet the LePresso Portable Conical Burr Grinder, your new favorite coffee gadget wherever you are! With just 3 hours of charging time, this handy grinder is ready to go. Once charged, it can grind enough beans for up to 40 cups of coffee. Made with durable 420 SS High-Grade Steel, it's built to last through all your coffee adventures. With a 35g capacity and the ability to grind 35-40g of powder, you'll have the right amount for your perfect brew every time. 

alt="portable burr grinder with type-c cable"

LePresso 600ml Vacuum Smart Bottle

The LePresso 600ml Vacuum Smart Bottle the ultimate companion for keeping your drinks at the perfect temperature on the go! With a powerful 220mAh battery, it charges up in just 1.5 hours, ensuring you're always ready for your next adventure. With tracking and alerts, you'll never forget to stay hydrated. Made with durable SS 304 Stainless Steel and a generous 600ml capacity, it's built to withstand all your activities. Keep your beverages cold or warm for up to 12 hours, and stay refreshed wherever life takes you with the LePresso 600ml Vacuum Smart Bottle!

alt="smart bottle 600ml"

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