LePresso Drip Coffee Maker with Smart Functions


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LePresso has now produced its Drip Coffee Maker with its Smart features which gives you the ability to Adjust Coffee Strength, Select Presets Program, and Set Timer adaptable to Delayed Brewing. Here we are going to take a closer look at this smart home gadget, so by the end of this overview you will be able to make a wise purchase.   

Visual Features and Design  

This device can perfectly fit into all counters and cabinets, with dimensions of about 30-centimeter height, 18-centimeter width, and 25-centimeter length. With these measurements, it has a 1.5 Liter glass carafe which can serve you up to 15 cups of freshly brewed coffee, so it is a good choice in the office and at home.  

The Control Panel 

On the front top, you can see the control panel which helps you with some preferred adjustments including Timing, Brewing Strength, and Delay Brew Program. These features come handy as it can easily adapt to your lifestyle and preferences. 

How Does This Smart Drip Coffee Maker Work? 

The process is easy and starts by filling the water tank under the MAX line on the gauge. Follow by adding coffee powder into the permanent nylon filter, then closing the top lid and pressing the ON/OFF Button will proceed the coffee making process.  

If you want to add any desired program, you have to follow all steps above and after turning the machine on, you have to press the Program Button in adjust your preferred setting so the device will act as you desired, and finally, after about 11 minutes you are provided with your preferred coffee.  

Smart Coffee Makers with Scheduling Feature  

This device is also compatible with the Delay Brew Program which gives you the ability to set up your time preferences. It consists of two major steps, first, you have to set up your current time with the help of Hour and Minutes buttons on the control panel, then, by using those same buttons, you are able to set up your desired time according to 24h time cycle. As a result, this smart appliance will start operating at your preferred time. With this program, you can always wake up to freshly brewed coffee, a perfect way to start the day!

Auto-Off Feature 

In order to experience reliability and safety, this device is supported with auto-off ability which comes to the scene in case you occasionally forget to turn it off or unplug it. This system will automatically generate after 40 minutes without unplugging and turn itself off, as a result you do not have to worry about electrical damage like eternal damage or sudden fire that can happen in these situations. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

In order to exceed devices’ lifecycle, it is important to regularly clean it from coffee remains and mineral deposits caused by water Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). It is best if you have general cleaning after each time of use; this can be perfectly done by washing the detachable parts like funnel and filter and removing the stains with a soft damp cloth. Enhance for mineral deposit cleaning you have to rinse the device by right proportions of water and suitable descaler.  

As this process can directly affect your devices durability and longevity, it is essential to have a regular cleaning plan that consists of deposit cleaning every 3 months and daily general cleaning.  

Facts which can Improve Your Coffee Taste  

Depending on your brewing method, there are some general recommendations you can stick to:  

  1. Use cold water to fill the tank. 
  2. Reseal unused ground coffee tightly and place it in a cool, dry place, as the moist coffee powder can affect the coffee taste 
  3. Always use freshly grounded coffee with the perfect ground size adaptable to your device and brewing method. 
  4. Do Not reuse or reheat coffee grounds as it reduces coffee flavor.


LePresso Drip Coffee Maker with Smart Functions is a good choice for your daily coffee making purposes as it has a beneficial capacity, programable features, and built-in safeguards. No matter whether you are a busy professional or just a coffee enthusiast, by having this smart gadget, you will be able to get served fresh coffee at perfect temperature anytime you want in any style you desired.  


  • Auto off: 40min  
  • Up to 78°c 
  • Brewing time: 11mins 
  • Glass carafe  
  • Capacity: 1.25L - 10-15 cups 


  • EAN: 6083749677164  
  • Weight: 1.32kg 
  • Dimensions: 25*18*31cm  
  • Power: 1000W 
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz 
  • Voltage: AC 220-240V 
  • Power cord: UK 3 Pin



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Capacity 1.25L / 10-15 Cups
Voltage AC 220-240V
Power 1000W
Frequency Range 50 - 60Hz
Power Cord UK 3pin
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